Three Roseate Spoonbills Oil On Canvas Original


"Slanted Sun's Last Call"

This three Roseate Spoonbills original artwork is for sale as a 24h x 48w gallery wrapped canvas. The original artwork features an impasto look for creating an additional light and shadow. 

About the Piece

Through this piece, I wanted to capture how everything slows down at the end of the day. I can hear the sounds of the birds, crickets, frogs and alligators as the birds slowly push their beaks through the sky colored water to find tiny bits to eat. I can imagine the slight swishing of the grass on grass when a breeze blows through. The daytime animals are receding to their resting places, while the nighttime dwellers begin to emerge.

Surrounded by glowing pink, orange, and yellow colors, these roseate spoonbills are having their evening meal amongst the water and grasses. Side by side they vie for the swimming morsels below, pausing for a moment to look up to see what has caught the others attention.

I enjoyed creating a painting where the triangular shapes in the grasses mimicked those areas of negative space the birds legs create as they step.

*Note: This product requires more than 7 days for delivery

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